Hello, it’s my first post!


I am a 32 year old mum to a beautiful, 3 year old boy, who we shall call “Picklehead Wigglebum” (or Pickle for short). This is what we’ve always called him! It makes me smile and I like it.

Picklehead Wigglebum is autistic. I never expected to have an autistic child. And that’s what has pushed me to start a blog. I have so many thoughts and feelings that I can’t find an appropriate place to share. I don’t want to bore my friends, I don’t think a lot of it is appropriate for Facebook, and I wonder secretly sometimes, if my inner rants and musings might actually resonate with another mum who’s sitting out there somewhere, also living a crazy life that she didn’t plan, in her house with her child! (If that’s you then do say hello!)

So although this is technically my first post, I’m going to write a new one to kick this whole thing off. It will be the words that I put up one morning on Facebook when I woke up and thought ‘fuck it’ I’m going to put this whole thing out there for everyone to see and just see what happens. Then I went to get my haircut. What actually did happen afterwards was beautiful. I got the most incredible supportive comments from friends both close and distant and the experience of putting something so raw out there and getting such a positive reaction really moved me. It’s also a good post as it explains a few things about the Pickle, and I think it’s a good place to start 😊


2 thoughts on “Hello, it’s my first post!

  1. leelee0223

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Julie aka leelee, and I have two autistic sons, and a daughter who does not have autism. I am also new to blogging, but I am seasoned in the autism community as my oldest son is 9. It seems we have a lot in common from reading some of your posts. Please feel free to visit my page. I’m still learning how to blog, but hopefully u can find some useful information there.

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