Well isn’t it the way, when you’re feeling sad, that all of a sudden, your child surprises you and makes you feel so damn proud!

Firstly, this morning when driving the Pickle to preschool, George Ezra – Budapest was playing on the radio as I reversed out of the driveway, and I’m singing along going: “You… ooooooh! You ooooooh!” and the Pickle is looking really cute in his woolly bobble hat, and as the car is reversing, he’s looking at me straight in the eye with a big smile and he starts to laugh! We spend the whole ten minute journey to nursery both giggling and singing “You… oooooooh! You oooooooh! I’d leave it all”. Even when the song was over. It was a lovely little moment. I got to connect with my son.

Then when I’m dropping him off, I’m chatting to his key worker, and suddenly I hear “Oh! Look at Pickle…” so I look over where he’s sat himself down at the table with the other children ready for breakfast, and he’s stood up and started handing out breakfast bowls to all the children (with a very serious look on his face!) Then he takes the spoons and puts one in each childs bowl! Proud mummy moment.

Then when I went to pick him up after lunch, I’m normally told that he’s been a bit over excited and keeps running out of the doors, or they’ve tried such and such method to keep him still, and it hasn’t worked… but today, his key worker tells me that he’s had a brilliant morning!! (!!!)
He hasn’t been opening and closing the door. He really enjoyed Zumba (so much so that he took part in 2 sessions) and was full of smiles and dancing. Then… at lunchtime, he ate most of his roast dinner, including his carrots!! I haven’t told you about the Pickles food issues yet, that’s a whole other post. But believe me, this is a HUGE deal!!

That would have been more than enough for me, but it goes on! I took him to his playgroup which is for kids with additional needs. Whilst he’s there, he sits on the mat with the Duplo, and builds a big tower! The Pickle never builds creatively with lego unless he has an adult telling him which brick to place, piece by piece. He never puts together train tracks or jigsaw puzzles either, so again, this is a huge deal!! He’s just sitting there on his own creating a duplo tower! I’m in shock. Here’s a picture of it. I know his arm is covering most of it, but take it from me, it was nice and tall! (And perfectly formed. No bits sticking out anywhere… very Pickle!)


Another child comes along and starts to put her own bricks on his tower (and they are not perfectly formed). The Pickle not only allows her to enter his game but with a little guidance from myself, he accepts her ‘help’ and even takes turns with her!!! Amazing.

Then… for the grand finale, he sits down at the arts and crafts table, for more than 30 seconds, and with a little guidance, he makes a beautiful, glittery pine cone that we can hang on the Christmas tree this year!


Isn’t it fab! And when I say help, the pine cone was handed to him with glue on it, and the Pickle was handed the stuff and shown on another pine cone what to do, but there was no ‘hand over hand’ or help at all! He followed instruction! And he made something beautiful, and individual, and creative, and his own.

It’s been a wonderful reminder of just how clever my little boy can be when he finds it in himself to engage with those around him and focus on what he’s doing. It gives me hope for the future. If we can find a way to support him and help him to sit still, to listen and engage with people, imagine what he could achieve! It’s all in there and he has so much potential, we just have to help him to bring it out into the world.

That pinecone is now sitting in the kitchen waiting to be hung on the Christmas tree. It is a symbol of everything that is possible. Although the glitter will eventually fall off and the stalks will break, the message is here to stay.

Thank you for my beautiful pinecone, my lovely Picklehead Wigglebum! I love you so much x



5 thoughts on “Pinecone

  1. Ain't No Shrinking Violet

    There’s nothing better than little kid “art”…love the pinecone!

    Food issues aren’t something I’ve yet discussed on my blog yet either, but my son’s are pretty extreme…he eats nothing but bread. One day his preschool sent him home covered in purple blueberry stains because he ate an ENTIRE CUPFUL of them out of nowhere. I’ve never been more excited and happy in my life than to see my boy stained purple from head to toe, and all his clothing ruined! The things that excite us ASD moms. 🙂

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