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5 things that made me realise my child was ‘different’

Here’s a list of 5 memories that really stand out as moments I felt “something’s definitely not right here” with the Pickle. Things that I couldn’t explain.

They’re from before I could get any friends, family or professionals to listen to me, and before the word autism had entered my vocabulary.

1) The day we bought a new toy box and Pickle spent over 2 hours opening & closing the lid repeatedly.

He would usually look at toys for a very short time before becoming restless, but this was like he was in a trance. It was weird. He still obsesses over doors, lids and anything that opens/closes and uses them for sensory feedback when he’s anxious.

2) When none of the Supernanny techniques worked.

I couldn’t get the Pickle to pay any attention to me when telling him ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘wait’ etc so I bought ‘Supernanny – confident toddler care’ as I’ve always thought she had fail proof methods… and when I read it, not a single damn thing worked!! F**k you Supernanny! I always thought you would be able to help! 😉

3) when I took the Pickle to see ‘In the night garden live’ with another little girl the same age.

I got more attention and love from her sitting on my lap for 30 seconds than 45 minutes of trying to keep the Pickle in the same place and stopping him from running out. I kept thinking “why is going anywhere so difficult with him? Is it just me?”

4) The day I realised that discipline didn’t work. Ever.

It didn’t matter how much I encouraged, coaxed, pleaded or yelled at him, the Pickle just didn’t get it. One day I got so upset, frustrated and at the end of my tether that I screamed blue murder at him. He didn’t bat an eyelid.

I also asked other people at this point how they got their child to listen to them, I remember one person telling me “make sure he looks you in the eye when you’re talking to him…”

“Erm… I can’t!!!! It doesn’t work! It’s impossible!!! I can’t control his eyeballs! I can’t control ANYTHING with him!! Why doesn’t this happen to anyone else? I must such a bad parent that I can’t even get my child to listen or look at me!”

5) When all of the other children were making play doh and I couldn’t stop the Pickle eating it. He was 2 and a half years old. And the younger ones weren’t eating it…

It shocks me even to this day when I tell off our Labrador puppy, or I say no to someone’s child, and they actually get upset! I reached a point where it felt nobody took any notice of me and I was pretty redundant as a parent figure so it’s always a shock when I actually get a reaction 😉

Thanks for reading!


Watching on repeat…

I saw a great post yesterday on Autism Support UK about what peoples ASD children like to watch on youtube.

It’s a common trait of autism, to become obsessive over certain things, and a common display of this is watching the same thing over and over again. This can be anything… some kids become obsessive over a certain cartoon, or a film and if they’re verbal, can recite the entire film from start to finish, including the accents! When they’re older, they can probably tell you every single fact ever known about that film!

It got me thinking about the Pickle and what he likes to watch over and over on repeat. So here’s a list of three things that seem to really float his boat!

  • Minesweeper – level 32 walkthrough – just to remind you that the Pickle is 3 years old and has never played minesweeper in his life.
  • The Father Ted Christmas Special – don’t ask… I have no idea. He seems to knows and recite all the Father Jack parts, although luckily for us, there haven’t yet been any yellings of “ARSE!”…
  • Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times. I have Pickles dad to blame for this one. He put a free download on our ipad (no idea why….) and Pickle has found it. It is now played daily in our house and has been for over a year now. There’s a weird eating machine scene that freaks me out a bit…. but Pickle is fascinated!

He also loves theme songs for any cartoon. Whatever he’s doing, he will drop it on the floor, and run to the tv to watch the theme tune with a very serious look on his face. This can also include songs in the middle of shows such as this: Get Well Soon – the poo song – you should click on this one. It’s full of good advice!

The pickle probably isn’t as ‘out there’ with his ipad/youtube obsessions as some of the things I read yesterday. There seems to be a common interest in kids who loved watching videos of people unwrapping kinder eggs, using electric toothbrushes and reviews for cardboard boxes!! Minesweeper came up quite a bit so I guess he fits in there 😉

The weird, mysterious and wonderful minds of autism! It’s funny, it’s random, it’s different, it’s frustrating and it’s wonderful.